Account Receivable Factoring

Financial inflow is a essential part of running a business. It can become frustrating when your company's cash flow is unable to cover your operating expenses. This problem is common for many business owners who operate successful companies but run into cash flow problems from time to time.

Account Receivable Factoring provides any business with the necessary capital and cash flow to operate and run day to day operations. A factoring loan assists your business to grow by injecting working capital without creating debt or adding an equity partner.

A Factoring Company, Bank or Lender will purchase accounts receivable (invoices). Factoring is not a business loan, it means selling your invoices at a discount for instantaneous cash. The factor then takes on the risk of collecting the money owed by clients and provides your company with advance funds. The advance rate can range from 80% to as much as 95% depending on the industry, customer's credit histories and other criteria.

We have various options - recourse and non-recourse to secure account receivables financing that may be available for you. We make the process of matching business factoring providers with companies in need of fast working capital seamless. Our fast and streamlined application process, with no long term contract can deliver the fund to take your business to the next level.

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Why Henry Munoz For Your Real Estate Financing, Listing Or Purchase Transactions

 Henry Munoz is a California Department of Real Estate licensed Real Estate Broker and Loan Officer.He has exceptional reputation as a Hard Money / Soft Money Private Money Lender in Torrance,California and  built on his capability to provide quick financing solutions for borrowers. Henry has  23  of years in residential, commercial, and business purpose loans secured by real estate, He is able to process your loan application quickly and give quick answers once the  property has been reviewed  to include a Title report and borrower information received.Fast answers usually usually 2-5 days.

Henry also holds a Los Angeles County Legal Document Assistant Registration which is a independent practicing paralegal.This come in handy when there are legal and title issues with a property.In order to obtain this registration,you must have completed a  accredited program in paralegal studies.In addition having and active bond.

As a Broker,he has acess to private and institutional lenders that are not be availble to the general public.Most loans are based on the value of the property and the loan to value.

Typically an asset based loan does not require exhaustive financial evaluation of the borrower.I welcome loans turned down by Banks and other Lenders.

Call Henry Munoz direct at 310-975-9739

For consumer residential loans-

For consumer reverse mortgages also known as home equity conversion mortgage.

Don't trust your financing,purchasing or listing needs to a inexperienced loan officer or salesperson/agent

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